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People workout in gyms to maintain their body and stay fit but the tragic irony is, this is the breeding ground of various germs, bacteria and infections. Is gym being the nemesis of your deteriorated health? If yes, do not let it be. Gym facilities must have a clause of regular gym cleaning.

Be aware and know that different type of disease causing germs such as staphylococcus,influenza, E. coil etc finds gym as the perfect place for their survival. It’s a known fact that rhinovirus ( the virus that causes cold) is present in most of the gym equipment. Some of the skin diseases like the athlete’s foot as well as human papillomavirus get into your body from unhygienic gyms. One of the life-threating bacteria MRSA ( Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) is found in the gym. This kind of bacteria is mostly resistant to the normal antibiotics. They get into your body through skin contact, cuts and abrasions.

Let’s see where do these germs exist in the gyms:

  • Unwashed equipment
  • Locker Rooms
  • Gym showers

These are the places where the bacteria thrive the most in the gyms. It’s always better to use gym wipes to wipe down the gym equipment before and after their use. This will help you and your neighbors in the gym to stay healthy. It’s not at all healthy to workout in a dirty gym and then end up being sick. If you want to ensure a clean environment in the gyms, then better maintain a proper gym cleaning checklist. Maintaining a clean and healthy atmosphere in the gyms will not only keep the members healthy, but also will attract others to workout in your gym. After all who doesn’t like to workout in a clean and maintained gym?

Look around the gym:

Have a careful look at your gym; but this time with the perspective of a potential customer. Would you dare to use the equipment and walk around bare footed in your gym? Are you getting a feeling of cleanliness in your gym? If you are not an honest judge, ask your friends and gym mates. They will certainly give you a honest review. That will help you understand, what are the necessary improvements you need to do to get your gym clean and hygienic.

Carryout a cleaning marathon:

Why don’t you maintain a gym cleaning checklist to clean things on alternative days systematically? Appoint those people who will be responsible to maintain gym cleaning routine. Be specific about the cleaning routine in these areas:

  • Locker Room:

A good number of germ can thrive in the floor of the locker room. Different shoes enter from outside in the locker room and they bring in a lot of germs with them that can be a reason behind stomach problem and hepatitis A. Not only this, a lot other germs and bacteria breed in the locker room; and this is enough to make you fall sick.

You can ask the gym mates to wear flip flops in the locker room and never walk bare footed. It is always better to get the locker room properly cleaned after the peak hours.

  • Cardio Machines:

Wipe the cardio machine like the treadmills, elliptical, bikes and others with the gym wipes after every use. This will kill most of the germs and help you stay healthy.

zoom wipes

  • Free Weight:

These are mostly used in the gym and also the mostly forgotten ones during the time of cleaning activities. The hard surface of these weights breed the germs so they need to be cleaned up after each use.

  • Exercise mats:

You must have enough mats so that the rest can be cleaned while others used. Mats need to to washed and cleaned every day because they carry a lot of sweat and germs in them. There must be two set of mats in the gym while one set is being used other can be given for clean up.

  • Showers:

It’s always good to wear a flip flop in the showers because bathroom floors have lot of germs.

Summing up:

If you can be a bit more careful, you can keep your gym safe and maintain a good hygiene in the gyms. The gym facilities must follow the cleaning routines on a regular basis. Before your gym get a lot dirtier maintain a gym cleaning checklist.




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