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Working out at gyms and keeping the body fit is a healthy habit. I personally appreciate those who wake up early in the morning, clean up and do some workouts. Health is wealth and this must always be our first priority.

But it’s very disappointing to see that most of the people working out at gyms do not maintain a proper hygiene. The most unhygienic habits at gym are :

  • Using gym equipment that are already laden in sweat.
  • Using used towels and wipes
  • Using used bottles.

When you do not maintain a good hygiene at gym, different types of skin infections may start bothering you. Skin problems like:

Generally, people sweat vigorously in the gym at the time of exercise. The gym’s atmosphere is often hot and moist. Therefore, in most of the times, the clothes, shoes, towels and other gym gears are covered with sweat. This is an ideal situation for the germs and bacterias to survive.

Here, I have outlined 4 essential points which will help you maintain a good gym hygiene and stay healthy:

1. Buy a Metal Bottle

Plastic bottles are not healthy for gym atmosphere. Plastics generally hold a lot of bacteria. Metal bottles are always preferred over the plastic bottles because they are safe and do not attract much bacterias. Wash the bottles at least once a week with lukewarm water and soap. Most importantly, always be careful that no one else sips into your bottle while you are not around. It helps the germs to get transferred into your body and you unknowingly fall sick. So, better buy a metal bottle and do not let anyone sip in your bottle.

2. Wipe off the Gym Equipment:

Cleaning down the gym equipment after every use is importantbecause a lot of sweat and dirt get accumulated in the gym equipment and they may result in spreading infections. So the best way to stay safe is to use gym wipes to clean the gym equipment before and after the workout session.

Standard gym equipment wipes come with anti bacterial and disinfectant qualities. Wipe the gym equipment regularly with these wipes.

3. Be careful while taking shower:

While you take shower in a gym, you need to keep in mind that it is being used by other hundreds. So while you are taking shower in a common bathroom, always wear your own slippers so that your feet do not touch the bathroom floor. A lot of germs and viruses can be accumulated in the bathroom floor.

Never use common towels and soaps as they may spread infections. At least once a week, soak your slippers in bleach water. This will kill all the germs in the slippers.

4. Take a rest day:

While you are sick with a common flu, cough and cold, do not go to gyms. This won’t harm you any way but will save others in the gym from catching the cold or getting infected with the same virus.

It’s good to take a day off from the gym in such situations. Stay fit and help others to stay healthy.

  • Don’t go to swimming pool or tub if infected:

When you are infected with some kind of germs or diseases its better not to use the common tub or swimming. Do not let your infections spread. Rather cure yourself and then dive in the tub.

A Final Takeaway:

People go to the gym to stay fit and strong. Do not ever make it an unhygienic place. Frequently use the gym wipes to clean up the gym equipment and maintain some basic hygiene as mentioned above. The motto is to stay strong not sick.

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