Vision Assessment

Our Process

1. Vision Assessment

Our first priority is to realize your vision. Understanding the vision and goals of our clients is critical as it ensures the complete success of the fitness center. We further understand the vision of our clients when we take a full assessment of their short term and long term goals, member demographic as well as desired fitness center design with aesthetic and functionality appeal. Once we realize your vision, we make it a reality!

2. Facility Layout & Design

Synergy Fitness utilizes over thirty years of experience working with and staffing the most detailed architects, designers and developers in order to optimize the fitness center to your specific vision. Detailed and Precise layouts coupled with capabilities such as; flooring, tile, electrical, plumbing entertainment, carpentry, remodeling and more, ensures that from start to finish the design of your fitness center is a seamless and efficient process. If desired, Synergy will also partner with third party contractors of your choice. All layout and design work is done in-house at Synergy Fitness offices.

3. Equipment Specifications

Our goal is to provide the best priced fitness equipment for the performance you require. The Synergy Fitness design team is made up of fitness equipment experts who understand that different makes and models of fitness equipment provide different “features”. However product “features” are not profitable until they are a direct benefit to you, your customers’ and/or your facility. With this in mind, we make it our priority to provide you with equipment which renders features that offer you the greatest benefits. This further cuts costs on needless equipment extras. All Synergy Fitness proposals are provided in an easy format which include estimates, layouts and complete easy to understand equipment specifications.

4. Delivery and Installation

Experience confirms that attention to detail is a must for all exercise equipment installations. Everything from free weights and strength training equipment to cardio machines and fitness center entertainment is handled by our own Premier relocation team. Unmatched service and complete customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

5. Onsite Training

Certified Synergy Fitness team members will work with you, your staff, customers, residents or guests for complete equipment orientation and proper exercise techniques. Our service department will also work with your on-site maintenance staff.

The Synergy Fitness team are experts at understanding your vision and your customers’ needs. Whether it’s reducing safety and liability issues or maximizing space limitations for unparalleled functionality the layout and design of a facility is critical. A fitness center should be consistent with the look, feel and character of the entire property, while providing the optimal environment for a safe, comfortable and effective fitness experience. With years of experience designing fitness facilities of all sizes, and our state-of-the-art AutoCad process, Synergy Fitness is confidently your Professional Fitness Solution.

For more information on how we can help you design your fitness center, speak to a Synergy Fitness design specialist today!

"Synergy Fitness Products experience, attention to detail and complete professionalism has kept our equipment running great and has enabled us to provide a stellar fitness facility for our members."

Robert Gallion
Facility Manager, Bel-Air Country Club

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