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Ah vacation season, something we all wait impatiently for. Sitting on a beach with a Pina Colada in your hand is a great way to relax, self-sooth and unwind. Whether you’re traveling abroad to sight see or relaxing on a tropical island, one thing about vacations is certain: routines get thrown out the window – especially fitness routines!



While we’re relaxing releasing our inner Zen and blocking out what our kids are doing to the babysitter, all our problems at home, we believe a fun vacation doesn’t mean you have to throw out all your fitness progress you have made out the window! You worked hard for your results girl, so we worked hard to put these EASY tips on how to stay active while traveling! Let’s jump right in:


Stay At A Fitness-Friendly Hotel

Choose a hotel that has a great fitness amenity and pool. Having easy and quick access to a workout facility takes away common excuses of why you couldn’t get a workout in. Getting up early while everyone is still asleep is easy and convenient for you and your group so you don’t miss out on any of the excitement and plans. Many modern hotels and resorts offer free yoga and fitness classes, so be sure to add those to your itinerary! If working out indoors isn’t really your thing, do some research to choose a hotel that has nearby trails or beautiful outdoor areas.


Pack Accordingly

If you’re checking in a bag you should have plenty of room to throw in a few workout essentials. For example; throw in a jump rope, exercise mat, or resistance bands. These few items are small and easy to throw in with all of your other stuff without taking up too much room. Besides equipment don’t forget to add proper workout shoes and athletic clothes. If you have the necessities to your workout, you won’t have an excuse as to why you can’t work out!


Be Adventurous

Hitting a new vacation spot is the perfect time to get out of your comfort zone and try something new! Many vacation spots offer great hiking spots, kayaking, white water rafting, renting a bike at a nearby shop or many some rock climbing! Vacationing at the beach? Here’s a few things to do; jogging through sand, surfing, paddle boarding, or a run down the board walk are great sources of workouts and you get a beautiful view. No matter your vacation destination, there will always be outdoor or recreational activities to keep you active and fuel your wild side!

Walk It Out

Get in as many steps as possible! Skip using the elevator and escalators at hotels and airports. Walk to a restaurant instead of calling a taxi. Take laps around your resort or walk around the city to take in all of the beautiful views. Wear your fitness tracker or download an app to keep track of how many steps you take each day of your trip. Walking burns more Calories than you’d think!


Stay Hydrated

Drink that water girl! Drinking enough water will help you stay energized and support your active adventures especially if you had an exciting night of, what do the kids call it? “Getting LIT”. Alcohol dehydrates your body, causing hangovers that will definitely make being active the next day a lot more difficult and a lot less enjoyable and come on, who on god’s green earth wants to work out with a hangover? NOT US.


Make Those Smart Nutritious Choices

Let’s get REAL. We all know we’re going to make food choices that we’re going to regret when we get home, it comes with vacation territory. But if you can try to incorporate some healthy choices along the way like for breakfast, will give you energy it needs for a fun morning workout before getting that tan on at the beach.


To conclude, traveling doesn’t have to set you back on your health goals and ruin your fitness routine. So drink those Margaritas! Eat those Tacos! But with a few tricks up your sleeve and a bit of preparation, you can keep yourself on track while enjoying your much-needed vacation and rock that bathing suit with no regrets!


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