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7 Effective Tips on Cardio Fitness & Gym Equipment for This Summer

Summer: Hair gets lighter. Skin gets darker. Water gets warmer. Drinks get colder. Music gets louder. Nights get longer. Life gets better.”

Hey Guys! Summer is here! Are you people ready to groove to the beats of the summer parties? Those extravagant pools and beach parties, sizzling throughout the night and mesmerizing music are just a step ahead only if you get fit into your glamorous summer dresses.

No! don’t feel down if you are out of shape and need to lose some fat from your body. You can do it, with the right gym equipment and some crushing cardio fitness tips. Ok now, get on to your feet and buck up. There is a lot that you need to put into practice if you really want to get that body!

Here we go!

1. Get a proper diet

No! no !no! By “proper diet”, I do not mean drinking juice and surviving on salads to get that beach body. Rather, I mean getting your diet cleaned up, like adding up healthier foods to your everyday meal ( also when going out to dine) and quiting those sugary drinks. One of the best ways to prepare for the bikini season is to get the kitchen organized and to remove all the junk foods that are still lying in the kitchen cabinets.

Don’t get stressed and count on all the calories you are taking. Just get your mind set on eating whole grains and unprocessed food. Eating this clean diet will not only get you to shed some pounds, but will help your skin glow and provide you with much more energy to rock the summer activities.

2. Schedule a Spa day

Ask yourself, when was the last time you cared for yourself? You must have some “ me time”, it may be some time out in the gym, working out at regular intervals or pampering yourself at a spa. The main motive is to relax and feel good. There is no need of draining out thousand dollars at a costly salon, it can also be a cozy night in your comfortable bed. Why don’t you do some pedicure and pamper your tired toes a bit? Exfoliate your skin that gives a mesmerizing feel. One more interesting thing is tanning. Did you even know that tanning can actually bring out some muscle and hide your cellulite? This is the reason most of the body builders and the bikini models are bronzed.

3. Follow a routine

The lazy summer days are almost in, and you must be setting up your planner!! But before you do so, listen! Help your body stay in a continuous motion or routine. So never forget to nail your workout routine even when you are for a vacation or cooking out. Whatever be it, never forget your gym equipment.

4. Tone up

Summer season means crop tops and sleeveless dresses. But if you are worried about your flabby arms and afraid to get into your summer wears, then it’s the high time you tone up. Strength training will significantly help you achieve your body goals.

5. Gear up your cardio fitness

Building up lean muscle is a good practice, but you need to continuously focus on your cardio fitness routine. This will help you stay focused and maintain a good body every time.

6. Get your workouts mixed up

Every time going through the same routine is very boring, and you feel like leaving your workout after sometime. So better you do different types of workouts at regular intervals. It is also good for your muscle because once you practice same routine of workout , your muscle gets used to it and stops burning much calories. So keep your body in contentious motion and never let it be familiar with one common routine.

7. Love yourself

When you are working hard every time to keep your body fit and strong, sometimes you must take time out to treat yourself. No, do not think I am talking about junk foods! Rather make it something that will motivate you and help you achieve your goals. You can go out for shopping a new stylish beach dress that you need to fit yourself in. This will give you a new motivation and reason to continue with your strict routine everyday. Moreover, you need to enjoy your schedule, even if it is quite harder for you. You can’t make your efforts successful if you do them monotonously.

Summing up:

Getting into a well-toned body to welcome the summer is what floating around your mind. Right! Then what are you waiting for? Follow the suggestions stated above and get yourself ready for the summer.

If you have something much more interesting in your mind, do share it with us!


Which HIIT Cardio Workouts Help You Stay Active During Summer

In the recent years, there is an absolute craze among people that is “ hit the gym!”. Working out everyday is a good habit but there are some crazy bodybuilders or dare I say health freaks who want to be in shape all the time. For them, this HIIT cardio workout is absolute. You can call this workout as a beast. This is a challenging workout routine, but it is also exciting. The interval of these kind of exercise is also tough but you can relax by thinking that you just need to do each exercise only once.

What is HIIT Workout?

HIIT is a kind of training that includes intervals from low to moderate and then it is also alternated with the high intensity intervals. You can consider running or squatting to be a kind of HIIT. It is way better and effective than the normal cardio workouts. The amount of intensity you put in it, is a lot higher and you can include both aerobic and anaerobic tenacity while you burn fat than ever before.

A research has found that HIIT burns the adipose tissue much more effectively than other low intensity workout. At least 50% more efficiently it burns out the fat. Moreover it speeds up metabolism that burns out more calories all day long.

Lets have a look at the most effective HIIT cardio workouts:

1. Push Ups:

While you do a push up, it works on the multiple muscle of your body. Push up will work on your arm, core, chest, legs and hips. When you try to get them closer to your body, your triceps will get a hard workout.

2. Fit Dips:

You must remember that a dip is a push exercise, that mainly works on the chest, front shoulder or your triceps. Therefore, combining dips with pulling exercise is a good idea.

3. Jump Rope

It develops the foot speed, endurance and coordination that help the heart to work faster and burn out some more calories. Jumping exercise will help you lose extra fat from your body.

4. Resistance Band

If you want to make your bones and muscle stronger, resistance band exercise is the ultimate solution for you. It reduces your joint pain, enhances your speed and obviously makes your body much more elastic.

These bands are very light weight and also portable. It is effective when you are exercising alone.

5. Lower Body Interval Workout

Lower body interval workout is for stronger legs and it is a very tough workout. You can higher the difficulty level by picking up a weight. To perform this workout properly, you need a continuous practice and good body strength.

6. Stair Steeper Machine Interval

It increases the heart rate of your body and maximizes the benefits you can reap from cardio. It actually highers the core muscle strength.

7. Abs Interval

These abs exercise is really tough and huge. You need to put in your 100% to get it right. Practice these regularly to get your abs hard and stiff.

8. Sled Training Interval

It is an inspiration from Scandinavian logging industry where the loggers are given no choice but they have to drag out the fallen trees. It is very much effective and also a fun training.

9. Resistance Training Interval

Resistance training actually increases the bone density and reduces the fear of fracture.

10. Sprint Interval

You must increase the sprint duration and decrease the recovery duration with your sprint training. You must reach a point where you can very easily do all the 15 intervals every workout.

Summing up

I have listed here some of the HIIT cardio workout that will help you loose some extra calories this summer. You can get into your beach clothes easily with these workouts. One more thing that you need to ponder on is hygiene. While we workout in the gym we sweat. Gym equipment also get sweaty while we workout. It’s good to wipe the gym equipment with gym wipes before and after every use.

Try out these workouts and share some more effective one if you have any.