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5 Factors to Consider When Setting Up a Home Gym

First let me say that WORKING OUT IS FANTASTIC!!

May it be gym or home, if you workout at a regular basis, you are doing a great job for yourself and your body.

But there are a few things that you can avail easily in a gym, but that might be a bit difficult at your home. It’s a bit tough to arrange a trainer, all sorts of gym equipment like strength equipment etc. at home. But still there are some people who prefer to workout at home rather than at a gym. There are many factors why people choose their home to workout. The first thing to consider is – Time. Most of us fail to visit the gym regularly due to lack of time. We get so busy in our regular schedules that we forget to take care of our health and wellbeing. So in such cases, it’s better to workout in your home.

But before you consider your home gym, keep these factors in mind:

Take into consideration what are the type of workouts you generally do and how much will the setting cost for your home-gym. Here we go into the detailed analysis of the factors that you should keep in mind before you take the first step to setting up a home gym.

1. Be Motivated

You need to be motivated to maintain a strict workout routine everyday. For now you might be motivated to workout to get a great body! But that’s not real motivation. You must be motivated to maintain a healthy and stress free life. Once you are motivated and disciplined for the right reason, you are actually ready to set up a home gym.

Go get all the gym set up ready and start working out at the comfort of your home.

2. Space Matters

Make sure you have enough space at your home to set up a home gym. You need to stretch, spread and work really hard to burn out calories. You need to have enough space, so that you can set up the home cardio equipment comfortably in your home. Do not damage your television or coffee table while working out.

3. Cost

Going to gym and spending so much is genuinely costly. Ttherefore, working out at home may seem cost effective. But actually there are a lot of cost factors associated with a home gym. The strength equipment, exercise ball, yoga mat and other items needed for a home gym are quite expensive. So, get your budget right before you consider your home gym.

4. The Noise

Turning on your favorite song while you workout helps you do your exercise better. Most of the athletes and gym goers put high volume sound track and get excessively energized to do their workouts. So make sure your house mates do not have any problem if you put on loud music during workout.

5. Types of Workouts

What are types of exercises you do the most? What are the exercises you love doing the most? These are important factors to consider because according to this you will have to arrange your home gym and put your music.

Summing up

Starting a gym at your home for your own personal use comes with a few challenges. You need to put in earnest dedication, a good amount of money and find some good space in your home to set up the gym. Setting up home cardio equipment or strength equipment is an expensive and space consuming process. Keep these things in mind while you start working out at home finally.

Secrets to Keep 3 Cardio Machines Clean

Improved and Logical ways of cleaning 3 Cardio Equipment

Exercising and keeping the body fit is important to live a healthy life. In the recent years, the awareness for a healthy life has developed within people. Everyone likes to hit the gym and stay fit.

Obesity is the common cause of ruining health. Being obese is a curse and therefore it’s good if you exercise. If you follow up, the most popular exercise that people do is cardio workout. Doing some cardio on the cardio machines will significantly cut down the extra fat and help you attain a perfect body for your good health.

But these cardio machines are so costly that they might cost you a fortune. To attract customers and the gym owners, the manufacturers are including so many things in the machine. The Ipod docks, pulse monitor, television, cooling fan, heart monitor, virtual running traits- and everything that could be included in a standard cardio machine. It feels like as if you are looking for a Lexus, not for a cardio machine.

I went to buy a treadmill for my home gym and I was bewildered by the different kinds of facilities they offer in a treadmill. From my experience, I suggest everyone not to be mesmerized with the shines and glitters, rather one should choose the product that suits to his/her requirements.

It’s not just about the machine you buy. It’s also about the maintenance. So buy carefully.

Keeping the machines clean

Machines require a regular maintenance and cleaning. If you are careless about your cardio equipment, they will get damaged. Here I am going to discuss how to maintain our cardio machines and how to keep them clean.


If you really want to burn out your extra calories and make your heart stronger, then treadmills are the best options for you. But treadmills require proper maintenance regularly. As you constantly run on the belt, it may wear out, get loosen and damage. Then how should you maintain them? Let’s find out:

  • You need to unplug the treadmill some time before the maintenance procedure starts.
  • You should start with cleaning the conveyor belt, handrails, display and the side rails with the microfiber cloth, damped in warm water and soap. The household cleaners are not suitable to use on the treadmills because the chemicals may damage the machine. As gym wipes are also chemical free, therefore you can use them to clean the treadmill.
  • Use Vacuum cleaner to suck out the dirt from the treadmill, belt and below the belt and on the floor.
  • Get a screwdriver to tighten the screws so that while you exercise no mishaps occur.

gym equipment wipes

gym equipment wipes


For those who like low impact workout, this elliptical machine is a good option. This doesn’t strain you to the limit, therefore it’s maintenance is also easier than other cardio equipment.

  • You must always unplug before you start cleaning up and maintenance.
  • If there are batteries in your machine, you need to check and replace them at regular intervals.
  • You must vacuum in and around the machine.

Rowing Machine:

A lot of body strength is required while you workout on a rowing machine. While you clean it:

  • Unplug the machine before cleaning.
  • Clean the rower with soap and warm water; do not use home disinfectants.
  • Use vacuum all around and under the rower.
  • Also check the screws so that you do not face any problem while exercising.

Summing up:

Why to spend so much everytime when you can maintain? Keep your cardio machine clean and maintained to workout on it at a daily basis.

Do you have any other suggestion regarding the maintenance of cardio equipment? Please feel free to share your opinion with us!